This mess again

You don’t have to become keyboard warriors nor be aggressive if you have a private party.

These people I know were having a party for their son. I asked if I could come. Wife said sure. Husband tries to be aggressive and condescending saying I’m not invited.

While they can invite who they choose, that was handled all wrong. He could have messaged me privately instead of trying to embarrass me.

I’m blessed that I have other options to go to. I can cook and grill my own food, or go buy some if I don’t want to cook. Also, I was invited to two other gatherings for that day, and two more within the next 2 weeks.

Therefore, I have places to go and people that will hang with me in a whim. Therefore when I ask to come, it is not out of desperation. I have options so don’t think you’re making yourself look good by barring me from your gathering.

Hot weather and small minds can lead to the worst behaviors and it is disgusting.

Remember let’s all treat each other better and if you want your party to be private, don’t mention it in the open to anyone. Let’s not make things harder than they really are.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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