Cover your butt crack

Yes my butt cracks shows more often than it should, even when I wear a belt.

Yes I am fully aware of this.

Yes I know people talk about it behind my back and make fun of me.

Yes I also know this is a form of bullying and a petty reason not to like me.

How about you politely ask me to tuck in my shirt, buy a longer shirt or pull my pants up further?

We are always quick to get onto people about the least little flaws. I could name quite a few of the ones that are whispering about my half exposed booty.

This is worse than bullying because it’s petty and asisine for adults. Grow the Heck up and have real conversations with people.

There is literally too much going on in the world to worry about anybody’s butt crack but yours.

Look for a related story in my upcoming book “Scared Eyes”

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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