Kid’s birthday parties can be for everyone

I talk to many parents, including my own. Heck I have been to children’s birthday parties that are far more extravagant than any party or celebration I have had as a child or adult.

Here’s some reasons why you should invite more adults to your child’s birthday party

1. More gifts/money

Enough said, who doesn’t want that. Plus some may buy that toy/piece of technology/clothing item you didn’t want.

2. Parents want someone to talk to also.

They don’t want to spend an entire evening talking about America Ninja Warrior, Peppa Pig and Dora. They want adult conversations, and often want to do adult things after the kids have gone to bed or elsewhere.

3. There are plenty of activities for all ages.

These include: cookouts, pool parties, laser tag, bowling, and many more. You can play sports also.

4. It definitely doesn’t exclude anyone

I can’t forget this one. Adults without kids often feel ostracized from their friends with some. And heck if bringing a child is a requirement, many of them have younger cousins, nieces and nephews to bring. So parents please stop using your kids as excuses not to invite people to your gatherings.

5. Cake and ice cream

It’s safe to say that many adults love both. Why deprive them of that or a good meal?

It’s good to gather to celebrate a life and reunite with friends and family. This should be practiced more often.

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