This is the time to put in that work!

We’re into the social season: summer vacations, the lake, beach, amusement parks, cookouts, holidays, etc.

However, we still have to realize that staying connected requires work on both ends.

I was rereading a portion of “From Darkness To Sunshine” where I advised folks to stay in touch and have updated contacted info on the ones closest to you. More than that, actually contact them every 2-4 weeks.

Obviously I’m speaking of the ones in your social circle. Anyone else needs to be accessible though.

This is one of the reasons I hate changing phone numbers. I have had the same one for nearly 5 years and many people still reference my 812 number. It can be frustrating.

Anything worth having or keeping definitely requires work. Calling, texting, social media, most importantly visiting and face to face interaction. You have to be available and make time for those important for you.

Yes you have this week blocked off and that evening. But you’re available sometime. Make something happen, even if it’s just a drink. Don’t allow anyone to fall through the cracks.

So when you’re planning excursions or looking what to do during these fun and long summer days, don’t get lazy on those you care about. On the reverse side, watch for those that act as if you don’t exist.

Take advantage of every moment you can. It could be the last.

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A Mother’s Love

I love Mother’s Day. I truly do. It’s when everyone worldwide shows their love for their mother figures. For about 36-48 hours, we actually seem to put the daily negativity aside and focus on Mother, Mom, Mommy, Ma, Ma Dukes, Moms, etc.

A mother’s love is so strong and unconditional that it actually causes peace. I have witnessed it firsthand.

This is the type of love we need to have towards one another. Putting aside differences. Acting adult and not excluding anyone. This is only exceeded by the love of Jesus Christ.

It’s like The Beatles say over and over in the 60s, all we need is love. It can conquer all, heal wounds, bring us all together, and heal. Lord knows we need healing as we head into the hottest part of the year when often people forget how to behave.

Either way, please don’t forget how to love and the love of mothers. This is what it will take to heal this dissension and truly build bridges in society.

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The Guest List

Some of you are probably tired of people, tired of so called friends betraying you. They won’t answer calls or texts and they exclude you from group activities.

One of the best ways to distinguish your core circle/day 1s is to make a random guest list. Suppose you’re having a big VIP party/event for only your close friends. Who would you invite.

My circles go in tiers. I have my core, then my good friends I hang with sometimes, my holiday and work friends and vice versa. Of course the core circle always has first crack.

It seems other practice similar behaviors. If you’re not getting invited to outings and such, you may not be in the core circle.

I like just having friends and such period. The primary purpose of a core circle and a guest list is to see and confirm the ones you can count on. I covered this in further detail in “From Darkness To Sunshine”.

Also remember that guest list could change for various reasons. It’s ok because the ones that truly care aren’t going anywhere.

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Think about what if?

We’re officially in May now, almost into summertime and the halfway point of the year. Many are still criticizing and judging others like Bill Cosby, Kanye West, etc. Also, plenty of evil is being spread everywhere and tempers are flaring as the weather gets warmer.

But think deeply for just a few seconds before you judge someone so harshly?

What if it were your relative that were spazzing out and going through a mental illness related crisis?

What if were your grandfather or uncle that has been accused and convicted of sexual assault after 20 years with no concrete proof?

What if you got constantly excluded from certain group dinners and outings by the local in crowd/high school type clique?

What if you didn’t get to go to prom and wanted to?

What if you used to be an awesome, fit person but are not in the midst of fighting back?

What if you worked hard all the time and you didn’t get noticed?

What if you encounter a person that you like that always complains about no one good being out there, yet they regularly curve you?

We should all really think before we speak or type. It’s like one of my teachers once said, we tend to have diarrhea of the mouth.

It’s time to do less talking, criticizing, and more listening and praying. People are people too so miss me with all of the high and mighty nonsense.

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