A Mother’s Love

I love Mother’s Day. I truly do. It’s when everyone worldwide shows their love for their mother figures. For about 36-48 hours, we actually seem to put the daily negativity aside and focus on Mother, Mom, Mommy, Ma, Ma Dukes, Moms, etc.

A mother’s love is so strong and unconditional that it actually causes peace. I have witnessed it firsthand.

This is the type of love we need to have towards one another. Putting aside differences. Acting adult and not excluding anyone. This is only exceeded by the love of Jesus Christ.

It’s like The Beatles say over and over in the 60s, all we need is love. It can conquer all, heal wounds, bring us all together, and heal. Lord knows we need healing as we head into the hottest part of the year when often people forget how to behave.

Either way, please don’t forget how to love and the love of mothers. This is what it will take to heal this dissension and truly build bridges in society.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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