The Guest List

Some of you are probably tired of people, tired of so called friends betraying you. They won’t answer calls or texts and they exclude you from group activities.

One of the best ways to distinguish your core circle/day 1s is to make a random guest list. Suppose you’re having a big VIP party/event for only your close friends. Who would you invite.

My circles go in tiers. I have my core, then my good friends I hang with sometimes, my holiday and work friends and vice versa. Of course the core circle always has first crack.

It seems other practice similar behaviors. If you’re not getting invited to outings and such, you may not be in the core circle.

I like just having friends and such period. The primary purpose of a core circle and a guest list is to see and confirm the ones you can count on. I covered this in further detail in “From Darkness To Sunshine”.

Also remember that guest list could change for various reasons. It’s ok because the ones that truly care aren’t going anywhere.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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