It’s All Building To Something Bigger

This has been a trying month for me. Betrayals, inspiration, social gathering, and a promotion at a new facility. The latter is bittersweet as I move forward but say goodbye to many of the people that helped get me here.

You see, when you’re going through a valley of exclusion and betrayal, be ready! The Good Lord is about to overflow your cup with blessings. He has to get you to pray and humble more and then be in a proper position to receive your blessings.

Everything always works out (Romans 8:28) and a setback is really leading to a big comeback.

So to all of those fighting battles with no sight in end, don’t lose the faith! Keep pushing, your pot of gold and light at the end are all coming!

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Good vibrations

We all know vibes we get from people that we are most comfortable around, haven’t seen in a while and are comfortable around.

This is the type of vibe when you taste your favorite food, you hear an awesome song, your favorite sports team wins the championship and when you graduated from high school and or college. You never want this feeling to end.

Therefore, find folks that consistently give you this feeling of elation and comfort. It may take time with a certain person but it is possible.

Now I believe in trying to get along with anybody. However life is short and time is valuable. Invest your time and energy into those that make you feel great, that you can be yourself around and that judgment is little to none. Once you find this, do your best to not let it go.

Now let those good vibrations flow!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes

The Drummer from REO Speedwagon

There is a line from a movie that goes: “you’re like the drummer from REO Speedwagon. No one even knows who you are.”

Now while that can be obtained from a Google search, this seems to happen to people, even close friends when seasons change and vacations arise.

The friends you thought you had may change up on you and not be as nice or welcoming. Often you will not get an explanation, you will just know that you may be an associate at best.

Parties happen, no call, no text. Then it’s concerts, vacations, Heck even a simple dinner invite.

I have touched on this often, in my blog post “The D-List” “Betrayal: The Evil Cousin of Loyalty” and even in the chapter “Fall Out or Fall Back” from “From Darkness to Sunshine.”

The point is that it hurts. It’s a deep, sickening pain. I have had many losses in my life and few hurt more than a friend turning on you.

There are many reasons it happens. Sometimes it could be simply you. Often it’s an issue with their inner self. They can’t handle your presence, period. The successes in your life, your personality, popularity. Also, they may be in a different season of life than you are in, just as Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Recognizing when it’s time to back away is the key. Often it doesn’t stop the hurt but then you know when you’re not wanted. You can then move on to somewhere that appreciates you for the person you are.

Meanwhile, continue to be positive and open to making connections.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes