KB2, Cos, Night School

Ok what a week! I will go Live later, especially as the Kelly Bryant story is still developing. The main narrative is we often like to encourage someone to live their best life, but when that best isn’t what we want, we turn on them, don’t see them as human, and expect them to be the character they display.

Let’s start with Bryant. About a week ago, he left the Clemson football team after finding out he would lose his starting QB job. Now he won’t lose his eligibility if he goes to another school and we’re only five games into the season. Also, KB2 has graduated, has his degree, a national championship ring and a 16-2 record at Clemson. I’m all about teamwork and brotherhood but I don’t like how he’s being called selfish, egotistical and a quitter. He’s trying to do what’s best for his professional career, and even fix his deficiencies with a different coach and system. Many do this, like LeBron James, Peyton Manning, even Alex Rodriguez. The media can be a terror, as well as other people that don’t realize Bryant is a person and has a life outside of the Clemson uniform. That said, if he has a change of heart this week, people will act like it never happens. I hope KB2 uses this either way to realize who his true people are.

Now with Bill Cosby. Let me make this clear. Cosby deserves to be in prison, perhaps longer. What he did was cruel and heinous. Forget that he’s black, old and a beloved celebrity. He messed up big time, admitted to it and must suffer the consequences. When you choose to admire someone, remember they are humans first. The courts are not penalizing Dr Huxtable or Fat Albert, it’s William Henry Cosby. He needs to be seen in this fashion.

The moral here is athletes and celebrities are human beings. They have alternate lives. Please allow people to live these lives and if they commit crimes, they need to be punished all the same. No one should be above the law.

Next will be about a new celebrity that shows his human side through movies. Stay tuned,…

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And now let’s talk Kaep

I wanted to give folks some time to cool off. It’s now officially Fall and people are not 38 hot as they were so here are my thoughts.

We just had a hurricane/tropical depression in the South. People are still coming together to assist each other in the aftermath of the storm. Why can’t we come together on this issue.

Why are you mad that sponsors such as Nike and Ford Motors are giving Kaep deals for his now courageous act? Because he is actually brave enough to peacefully protest what he believes in?

Racism is still alive and well. White people want him gone forever. Black people are happy but are still torn about watching the NFL or supporting its sponsors.

Here’s the deal, Kaep saw a wrong and he wanted to right it. He has been serving the community and speaking out well before the anthem controversy. Please look it up first.

Also, the anthem is racist, outdated, and needs revising period. Why can’t people see this? He actually spoke to military officials about the most effective way to protest the anthem without disrespecting the military or the flag. He’s very intelligent and does not have a track record of being disrespectful.

Finally, for those that still think he’s disrespecting the USA, take a peek at this. The NFL didn’t start this with its players until 2009, when the US Army gave a ton of money to the NFL. It’s all about business when you think about it. Yes former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick (Kaep) is gaining but so are many businesses and sponsors.

Furthermore, I keep hearing “he should have did it a different way.” The best suggestion I have heard is he should go to Washington and protest on Capitol Hill. I actually like that one.

So please let’s see all the wrongs here and see how we can correct the issue and realize our country and justice system is wrong for allowing it to get to this point. Look at all the angles and look within yourselves.

Bringing this all home, let’s love each other as we do in times of crisis.

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Friending coworkers can help,

The narrative for years in the workplace has been you’re only coworkers and not friends. In some areas, being connected with coworkers helps out a lot.

These include inside intel about the workplace, stuff that may happen while you’re not there, and clarification on work policies. The latter has come into play this week with the Hurricane Florence closing and delays. My job called today with a confusing message. They said the building was closed but there would be a delay. Why would you say that if you already announced the building was closed today. Anyways, a coworker messaged me so we could clarify and we wouldn’t miss work.

Employee groups are also good for venting, sharing information and keeping each other encouraged. Morale at work makes it so much more fun and you can build that, even if it’s strictly business.

Let’s face it, you’re often around your coworkers more than your own family and circle of friends. You may as well try and get along with them, and even hang out sometime.

Friends are always assets and coworkers see you in your element. They can help with promotions, and future job references. It’s definitely a benefit to connect with those at your job.

Dating is a separate issue I won’t cover. But at least be cool with your team members.

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9/11: why can’t we always act like this.

It has now been 17 years since the tragic events of 9/11 at the World Trade Center. For weeks, you saw people of all races, backgrounds, and all come together. It didn’t matter who you were, if you were American, you stood with each other.

This lasted a few weeks anyway.

I know there are obvious exceptions. But don’t sit and tell me we can’t all come together, especially involving politics and social issues. I have seen it throughout my lifetime, I know firsthand. The problem is we get so bent out of shape and forget to love each other and put differences aside. Our pride gets in the way and we forget who we are. We allow other forces to divide us.

Let us never forget, truly. Also, don’t forget how to treat others. Remember the Chick-fil-A lesson? It definitely applies here.

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