KB2, Cos, Night School

Ok what a week! I will go Live later, especially as the Kelly Bryant story is still developing. The main narrative is we often like to encourage someone to live their best life, but when that best isn’t what we want, we turn on them, don’t see them as human, and expect them to be the character they display.

Let’s start with Bryant. About a week ago, he left the Clemson football team after finding out he would lose his starting QB job. Now he won’t lose his eligibility if he goes to another school and we’re only five games into the season. Also, KB2 has graduated, has his degree, a national championship ring and a 16-2 record at Clemson. I’m all about teamwork and brotherhood but I don’t like how he’s being called selfish, egotistical and a quitter. He’s trying to do what’s best for his professional career, and even fix his deficiencies with a different coach and system. Many do this, like LeBron James, Peyton Manning, even Alex Rodriguez. The media can be a terror, as well as other people that don’t realize Bryant is a person and has a life outside of the Clemson uniform. That said, if he has a change of heart this week, people will act like it never happens. I hope KB2 uses this either way to realize who his true people are.

Now with Bill Cosby. Let me make this clear. Cosby deserves to be in prison, perhaps longer. What he did was cruel and heinous. Forget that he’s black, old and a beloved celebrity. He messed up big time, admitted to it and must suffer the consequences. When you choose to admire someone, remember they are humans first. The courts are not penalizing Dr Huxtable or Fat Albert, it’s William Henry Cosby. He needs to be seen in this fashion.

The moral here is athletes and celebrities are human beings. They have alternate lives. Please allow people to live these lives and if they commit crimes, they need to be punished all the same. No one should be above the law.

Next will be about a new celebrity that shows his human side through movies. Stay tuned,…

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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