Call Out

All you have running in your brain is doubt. Doubt has run a marathon because you were counted out. You can’t answer anyone because of fear. You need to heal, release the anger and let the Lord steer. If you don’t want to do something say that! Communication is key there and here. Tell that person what’s on your mind. I understand you have to stay on your grind. If I don’t get invited, you already know I’m asking why. It’s simple: don’t forget me and lie. We all need to talk more. Take our phones off of DND. Answer the door. Just be friendly and honest! Own up to your faults and you will have more. Don’t be a glutton for abuse or leave anyone out. Before you know, here comes the doubt. Take that extra time to talk. They will eventually learn it was your fault

July or You Lie?

July has many wonderful things. The pool, cookouts, the 4th, my birthday and the mosquitoe stings. That was a reach for a rhyme. I am at the age where I can’t reach for a dime. Lies are covered underneath the growing grass. It’s not from where you think. I guess it’s not a bad time to be fass. Remember flowers grow from stuff that does stink. Saying that, you showed who you are. I definitely saw better from afar. I have found out I am loved. Difficult and demanding yes but I am me and you are you. I was very sad and blue. Better times are ahead as July is over and you were not true. You were a month and a lesson. I guess there’s no confessing. The 44th solar return gave me another hope and desire. There lights another fire. I am a new man indeed. You helped plant the seed. Don’t expect the thanks since you are the compost. No credit so don’t boast. You may be as beautiful as the coast. Even the coast has sand and that feeling lasts a month at most. Fall is where it’s at. Bonfires, Halloween, the fair, football, all of that. July is in the books. You can’t fool everyone with your looks. Yes this is wordy. Apparently you don’t like big light and nerdy. I know someone that does so I’m fine. Really I am, I will make her mine. This will be the Holy Grail, the real. Margarine versus butter. Fast food versus homemade. All that did was made me sick and my heart flutter. I will be my best. Now it’s time to close out July and rest

Nubian Scream

You had me at hello, screaming at goodbye. I fortunately don’t want to die. I felt hurt and numb. 7 days passed and I also felt dumb. Outside, you’re a nubian queen. Inside you make me wanna scream. Ignorance! Flaky. Snaky. Sneaky. Well you do like money and are loosely into sales. I can’t believe I fell for your sales. I may or may not have bars. One thing for sure is you could sell used cars. Your nubian skin is appealing and glowing. Your hair in any style is lovely and flowing. Too bad the inside is corrupt. Your heart and soul are bankrupt. I can see why you’re alone. You don’t respect anything set in stone. Please stay where you are and we’ll keep it moving. I will continue grooving. I honestly wish you well. Good riddance and you can find another untruth to sell. I’ll sleep well tonight and I don’t know about you. Guilty consciences are real and they can reach you too. Every nubian woman isn’t a queen. They are simply a nightmare, a dark, terrible dream.