30 days have passed. I’m still thinking of you heavily, how long will this last. I want this pain to be done. I know now you’re not the one. I can see why people keep returning to familiar loves. This situation is not yielding any doves. I can still sense your energy beauty and smile. I would still sit and talk for a while. There’s no hard feelings but I know this isn’t healthy. I’m still healing and this is heavy. I’m avoiding you and you’re doing the same. Respecting each other’s space is the game. You did present quite a blueprint. Great skin, teeth, body, persona, even eyes. You sit on a throne of lies. I already know how this would end. No one can spoil this, I am out of time to lend. There is no room to bend. I am sticking to my brain. My heart still desires you but I know there’s too much pain. I will continue to recover and heal. Waiting on the proper person that will close the deal. She will give me those desires and similar feelings. I will no longer be involved with back alley dealings


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