Shalonda Palmer: an awesome friend, better human being

Last week, the Lord called home one of my long time friends, Shalonda “Shally” Palmer. She kept her circle tight but if you were blessed to know her, it was quite the positive experience. I along with others are still in grief over losing this special, kind person.

Shalonda was a woman of few words (unless she was correcting mine, insider) and stoic. She was very brilliant, hard working, organized, honest, witty and determined. She has an awesome story: coming from a single parent home to graduate from Converse College. She later landed a position with Milliken in chemistry, was married and had 3 beautiful young queens. She was close with her mother, daughters, brother, her circle of long time school friends and select others. Shalonda would flash that infectious smile when she was cool with you or when it involved family, wellness, or her beloved Green Bay Packers.

Shalonda was very caring also, never forgetting a birthday or milestone, understanding of your struggle and simply determined and hardworking. She was very humble about any accomplishments and would put God, her mom, children and others first. She loved to laugh, think positively and was awesome to talk to. Shalonda always knew what to say and how to say it, even if you didn’t agree. However, if she was wrong or felt she wronged you, she was very apologetic. She also ensured I wasn’t excluded from anything and although we joked about it, she accepted that I didn’t like exclusion.

I won’t speak much on her struggle/illness out of respect for her and her loved ones. Her and I spoke at length about it and she never stopped fighting. Being the woman she was, she wasn’t going to let it take her out easily. 4 years later, she earned her wings and told us all that we would see her later.

Rest in Power to a real woman, mother, daughter, friend and human being. I will always celebrate you, your life, legacy and of course watch my grammar. I will miss you my dear friend, from your smile to your words.

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