First Of All

I thought we were catching a vibe. We are both loving and alive. I guess it just wasn’t the time. We seem to match and sync like a rhyme. Your messages are distorted and mixed. How can we get this fixed? First of all! First of all, FIRST OF ALL!!! How about we talk? You come to me and want to balk. We all have our moods and days. I know this is but a phase. Please don’t allow a flaw or excuse to deter what we are. I still like you from afar. We aren’t together because second of all, you push me away. I don’t know what to say day to day. I’m digging on you and we know each other, present and past. Our bond will last. There’s no hard feelings or hate. Look here I know you don’t like being late. Therefore I do want date. So third of all, if you’re gonna act like you care. Let’s go out if you dare. We both like coffee so let’s get a cup. We’ll chat and drink up. I’m getting that hug and will be all clean. We both know you ain’t mean. You are sarcastic and witty. We are both frugal and thrifty. I hope I don’t get another back pat. I want a good hug where I smell all of you. We would both enjoy that. That would lead to last of all,…


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