Late Post

You’re once again late. You missed out on all of the cake. I heard you said you don’t like anything sweet. That must apply to humans since you look beat. Physically and emotionally you are drained. Not with the BS and like a car not maintained. I can’t force this rhythm and rhyme. Please refrain from the inneudos. Go back and read those memos. Pac said you’re appreciated and you are. The love must start with you. You are alone by choice and virtue. Open your heart and stop playing the victim. If you’re not depressed you have a strong symptom. I want you to have good health. You’re so late to everything, even your inner wealth. That’s how folks end up broke. It’s time to get woke. See and evaluate who really wants you and is worth your time. Use the minutes wisely as they are worth every dime. I am available for you to vent and cry. No questions asked, it’s not too late, just don’t lie


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