Chocolate Dream

Everything is beautiful about you ebony queen. From your soft forehead to your perfect feet, you’re the best they’ve seen. Your cheekbones and eyes are pictureesque. Your shoulders are glistening, broad and blessed. I love to rub and massage that muscle. Your energy and vibe shows your hustle. You possess arms and abs like a goddess. I know you from royalty and I wouldn’t expect less. Your waist and sculpted back makes me want to hug from behind. I like how you’re always so kind. Your backside and thighs are picture perfection. The mirror magnifies your reflection. You possess legs and calves like a dream. My queen is always 1st team. Can I hold you and not let go? You feel warm and cuddly, just let me know. I admire you my chocolate boo. You noticed me first when everyone said who. If you’re the birthplace of the world, it’s a more lovely place. My heart jumps at the sight of your face. You are indeed my chocolate dream. I cannot help that when I see you, my face starts to beam.


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