Facing Different Types Of Demons 

All Hallows Eve (Halloween) is around the corner, one of my favorite holidays. All sorts of ghosts, ghouls and demons around this time of year. 

Unfortunately, some of them are year round and haunt and limit us. 

If one is to overcome obstacles and excel long term at anything, they must take a long look at their past and face past demons head on. You can’t let evil from yesteryear hold you down. Seek help from friends, family, clergy or even professional help. Don’t feel ashamed or proud to let others know when you are weak and downtrodden. 

I have exorcised pretty much every demon from my past and live with greater purpose. However, some like zombies, try to occasionally resurface. I channel my inner strength and deal with them using all weapons in my arsenal. No longer will I be a victim. 

Remove these demons so that others can see the work the angels have accomplished with you! 



Fall For Friends

This is a wonderful season and time of year to get up and reunite with friends. I have written about several on laniera74.blogspot.com. You don’t have to even enjoy Fall to realize all of the opportunities to make friends and reconnect with old ones. 

Here are a few: 


High school/college homecomings and reunions

The local fair

Thanksgiving and Halloween. Hard not to bond over food and candy!

The various October sports (every type of football, the World Series, basketball beginning, end of NASCAR)

Bonfires and other Fall parties

Hunting season (deer and dove)

Therefore, get out there and explore! Fall is a great season to see folks before the hustle and bustle of the December holidays. 


Missing The Ones Closest To You. 

This post makes me think of Diana Ross’s classic “Missing You.” The Grim Reaper stays busy as I said on my Sunday FB Live vlog. Lots of deaths this year involving folks near and dear to my heart, including two this past Sunday. 

Now being that many of the ones that passed impacted so many lives and lots of folks are hurting, some of you are probably wondering “why are these folks missed so much and what did they do?”.  It’s actually an innocent one, and one I believe I can answer. 

Well, it starts with treating others well, and acting the way you want to be treated. Always lend a kind, helping hand, make others laugh, and try to get along with others. Making the world a better place helps out also. 

Attitude means a lot, and if you have a good, positive one, more people are naturally drawn to you. I wrote before on laniera74.blogspot.com about living your life well.  Therefore, we shouldn’t need constant wake up calls.  Live your life to the fullest and impact others along the way. 

The best way to move forward is to continue and honor their legacy and life. Make them feel alive, opposed to constantly mourning them. Think of how they would handle certain situations and act appropriately. Their lives mattered and so does yours!

So be that shining star to be gazed at, alive and dead!


Keep it moving, nothing to see here

I struggled with a title for this one. That and all of the post-fatique from my reunion weekend. 

Basically I got a different blast from the past directly connected to my #imjustdrew movement.  Of course I got the usual stuff when I’m in Blacksburg too long: about my photographic memory, why I’m not married with kids, etc, etc, I experienced something a little different. 
I crossed paths with someone who was a few years ahead of me in school (and is still a lovely person). Back in my time, it wasn’t that freshmen didn’t talk to seniors, it was more of an unwritten agreement. Add to the fact I was already still in my shy phase and there were some gorgeous, older women at my school. There were many I wouldn’t talk to then, but have no problem with now. I saw one of these ladies and at first, the old memories returned (heck we were near the high school) but as I spoke with the person, she was cool and welcoming. 

I have learned over the years that simply trying to speak to folks rarely hurts. That’s why I don’t meet many strangers and I continue to flourish. Bad and good memories will arish during a reunion time, but it’s best to realize who you are now and that time has changed. 

Therefore, nothing to see here, keep it moving, and move forward to greatness in socializing