Keep it moving, nothing to see here

I struggled with a title for this one. That and all of the post-fatique from my reunion weekend. 

Basically I got a different blast from the past directly connected to my #imjustdrew movement.  Of course I got the usual stuff when I’m in Blacksburg too long: about my photographic memory, why I’m not married with kids, etc, etc, I experienced something a little different. 
I crossed paths with someone who was a few years ahead of me in school (and is still a lovely person). Back in my time, it wasn’t that freshmen didn’t talk to seniors, it was more of an unwritten agreement. Add to the fact I was already still in my shy phase and there were some gorgeous, older women at my school. There were many I wouldn’t talk to then, but have no problem with now. I saw one of these ladies and at first, the old memories returned (heck we were near the high school) but as I spoke with the person, she was cool and welcoming. 

I have learned over the years that simply trying to speak to folks rarely hurts. That’s why I don’t meet many strangers and I continue to flourish. Bad and good memories will arish during a reunion time, but it’s best to realize who you are now and that time has changed. 

Therefore, nothing to see here, keep it moving, and move forward to greatness in socializing 



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