Missing The Ones Closest To You. 

This post makes me think of Diana Ross’s classic “Missing You.” The Grim Reaper stays busy as I said on my Sunday FB Live vlog. Lots of deaths this year involving folks near and dear to my heart, including two this past Sunday. 

Now being that many of the ones that passed impacted so many lives and lots of folks are hurting, some of you are probably wondering “why are these folks missed so much and what did they do?”.  It’s actually an innocent one, and one I believe I can answer. 

Well, it starts with treating others well, and acting the way you want to be treated. Always lend a kind, helping hand, make others laugh, and try to get along with others. Making the world a better place helps out also. 

Attitude means a lot, and if you have a good, positive one, more people are naturally drawn to you. I wrote before on laniera74.blogspot.com about living your life well.  Therefore, we shouldn’t need constant wake up calls.  Live your life to the fullest and impact others along the way. 

The best way to move forward is to continue and honor their legacy and life. Make them feel alive, opposed to constantly mourning them. Think of how they would handle certain situations and act appropriately. Their lives mattered and so does yours!

So be that shining star to be gazed at, alive and dead!



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