Facing Different Types Of Demons 

All Hallows Eve (Halloween) is around the corner, one of my favorite holidays. All sorts of ghosts, ghouls and demons around this time of year. 

Unfortunately, some of them are year round and haunt and limit us. 

If one is to overcome obstacles and excel long term at anything, they must take a long look at their past and face past demons head on. You can’t let evil from yesteryear hold you down. Seek help from friends, family, clergy or even professional help. Don’t feel ashamed or proud to let others know when you are weak and downtrodden. 

I have exorcised pretty much every demon from my past and live with greater purpose. However, some like zombies, try to occasionally resurface. I channel my inner strength and deal with them using all weapons in my arsenal. No longer will I be a victim. 

Remove these demons so that others can see the work the angels have accomplished with you! 



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