And now let’s talk Kaep

I wanted to give folks some time to cool off. It’s now officially Fall and people are not 38 hot as they were so here are my thoughts.

We just had a hurricane/tropical depression in the South. People are still coming together to assist each other in the aftermath of the storm. Why can’t we come together on this issue.

Why are you mad that sponsors such as Nike and Ford Motors are giving Kaep deals for his now courageous act? Because he is actually brave enough to peacefully protest what he believes in?

Racism is still alive and well. White people want him gone forever. Black people are happy but are still torn about watching the NFL or supporting its sponsors.

Here’s the deal, Kaep saw a wrong and he wanted to right it. He has been serving the community and speaking out well before the anthem controversy. Please look it up first.

Also, the anthem is racist, outdated, and needs revising period. Why can’t people see this? He actually spoke to military officials about the most effective way to protest the anthem without disrespecting the military or the flag. He’s very intelligent and does not have a track record of being disrespectful.

Finally, for those that still think he’s disrespecting the USA, take a peek at this. The NFL didn’t start this with its players until 2009, when the US Army gave a ton of money to the NFL. It’s all about business when you think about it. Yes former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick (Kaep) is gaining but so are many businesses and sponsors.

Furthermore, I keep hearing “he should have did it a different way.” The best suggestion I have heard is he should go to Washington and protest on Capitol Hill. I actually like that one.

So please let’s see all the wrongs here and see how we can correct the issue and realize our country and justice system is wrong for allowing it to get to this point. Look at all the angles and look within yourselves.

Bringing this all home, let’s love each other as we do in times of crisis.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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