Friending coworkers can help,

The narrative for years in the workplace has been you’re only coworkers and not friends. In some areas, being connected with coworkers helps out a lot.

These include inside intel about the workplace, stuff that may happen while you’re not there, and clarification on work policies. The latter has come into play this week with the Hurricane Florence closing and delays. My job called today with a confusing message. They said the building was closed but there would be a delay. Why would you say that if you already announced the building was closed today. Anyways, a coworker messaged me so we could clarify and we wouldn’t miss work.

Employee groups are also good for venting, sharing information and keeping each other encouraged. Morale at work makes it so much more fun and you can build that, even if it’s strictly business.

Let’s face it, you’re often around your coworkers more than your own family and circle of friends. You may as well try and get along with them, and even hang out sometime.

Friends are always assets and coworkers see you in your element. They can help with promotions, and future job references. It’s definitely a benefit to connect with those at your job.

Dating is a separate issue I won’t cover. But at least be cool with your team members.

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