Applying pressure

This was a week ago after being occupied with Prime Week at my job.

But speaking on jobs, people like Katty D and those that put on CD5 are seen as hoes and THOTs.

Now first let’s look at all sides of this box before we are so quick to condemn them and their annual daisy dukes party.

First, daisy dukes shorts came out in the 70s with a character of the same name, Daisy Dukes from The Dukes Of Hazzard. We already know why many don’t watch that show anymore.

Second, for you in your 40s and up, don’t act like you didn’t do just as wild and risque things in your younger years. Let’s see: Freaknik, Black College Reunion and currently Black Bike Week, CIAA, and some HBCU homecomings. Too bad social media wasn’t around in the 90s to record some of your escapades.

Also, they allow a lot of folks to make money and not just Katty. She banks about 10,000 yearly just at the gate. Then you have bartenders and clothing designers that make a grip. Katty is allowing everyone the opportunity to earn some money.

Lastly, she has built a strong following and buildup in five years. Her parties have grown so much in attendance they have become one of the most attended parties in the Upstate.

Now go back and look at those factors before you condemn her and anything she is trying to do. It’s not like any of this is illegal also. Let’s support and love each other.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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