ICE: Are you ready?

And this just isn’t ice, snow and freezing rain that’s on roads and highways in some areas.

ICE means In Case of Emergency, having emergency contacts. I do realize that everyone who reads my works and watches my vlogs doesn’t need or want a lot of people in their life. You do need someone you trust with your affairs in an illness or an emergency. This can be a parent, child, best friend, employer, etc. Medical professionals and other businesses need a method of reaching you.

Many are still talking about what people they’re leaving or left in 2017. I hope you update your contact info and ICE contacts if necessary. You should always have an alternate phone call or means of communication someone can reach you at. I have business cards for #imjustdrew with all of this info.

Obviously the more people that can reach you, the easier it is during a crisis. But have this in place. I was reminded of that late last year when I was buying extra life insurance. Also, some of you are fasting from social media. Ensure those that you want to reach you from there can also.

Don’t be caught hiding under a rock, literally.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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