My various friend groups/circles

This is a personal continuation of a post I wrote on I was referring to different types of friends. Well I have had formed many different types of circles, groups and connections. Here they are: 

My Blacksburg/high school friends: 

I have known them the longest, grew up around them basically. They have witnessed the beginning of my personal development and growth. I know I can always pick up where I left with them  

My WU friends: 

I have many friends and connections from my college days. I have my main crew, the Royal Fam. I have other friends from that realm also. 

Work friends: 

I have made many connections and g0od friends through many of my jobs, especially Winthrop, Robert Allen and Amazon. I have found lots in common with these folks and continue to stay in touch with even the ones I no longer work with. 

My fitness/running folks. 

These include not only the members of my running group, Run The Rock. These are also my extended running circle, as well as trainers, instructors, bodybuilders, and those at my gym. We all share healthy tidbits, encourage and motivate each other and have fun outside of the gym or pavement.

My UFC/MMA friends.

I remember a time where I couldn’t find anyone to watch a UFC fight with. Now I have a whole network of people that enjoy the sport and are into it. 

My fantasy sports people: 

This is a combination of school, work, and relatives. We play football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, and do sports picks. It’s exciting and we talk a lot of good hearted trash. 

My extended family/friends 

This is also a combination of my closest family and friends. I can go to them with almost any problem or issue. 

I feel very blessed and hope to have vacation/traveling buddies and expand my writing circle. Connections are very powerful. 



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