Jellybeans and the reverse 

Many people want to try to be hard and macho, to protect themselves and not be vulnerable. They are like jellybeans, hard on the outside, but soft and sweet on the inside. 

Then there are those that are the opposite, soft and happy on the exterior, but sneaky, mean and crafty inside. I don’t quite have a name for these folks. 

This is why it’s important to talk to folks and really get to know them. You cannot always judge them by what’s on the surface. Everyone has a story worth telling, and a reason why they behave the way in which they do. 

People are humans, meaning they are fallible and vulnerable. We all right different demons daily. It’s easier to know that you’re not alone here. 

Okay at the risk of rambling, just remember not to dismiss a person because they seem dismissive, short and mean. Also, don’t think a person is the Almighty because they are nice, always happy, and cheerful. Use discernment and good judgment to learn the realness. 

Once you have enough experience and you socialize enough, the truth will reveal itself. Hopefully you will find lots of folks that are like jellybeans in nature.



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