Two sides, two faces

Did I mention how there is so much about high school I don’t miss? It’s not really the way I was treated, or where I attended, it’s the cliques and the overall mentality. It’s the in crowd vs the out crowd. Those trying to exclude others and only thinking of themselves. 

And of course, many don’t leave this behavior ever. It dies with them often. 

There are definitely two sides to every story, and also two sides regarding socializing with others. I have those I hang with more than others, and my friend circles. But I don’t have what I call a real clique. 

I was just talking to my mom about how bad others treat us. I never want to treat anyone badly or make them feel like I did. 

Furthermore, I hate division. Shoot I hated it in school, struggled with it. Division, conflict and drama are things I try to avoid always. If you have any of this, get away from me please. 

There is two much division and dissension in this world. Conservatives v Liberals. Blacks v Whites. Yankees v Rednecks. Chinese v Japanese. The list goes on. 

Why can’t we all just unify and get along with one another? Please stop this inclusion mess and be your own person that won’t stand for this. 

Take this from a biracial person: don’t put yourself in a position where you have to take sides either. You will end up burning yourself. 

Seek to build and connect folks of all walks of life. Just think of Heaven, or even Hell. Do you think Jesus wants division in the Great Beyond? 

You have your own mind, think for yourself, form your own connections, and don’t leave a person behind. 

The Art of War is apparently good for helping others come together in peace. 



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