Where going out and dating really kicked off in your life 

Ok after a week or so off, I’m back at it. This has been officially one year since I kicked off the #imjustdrew movement. Thank you all that read my stuff and watch my vlogs. I hope for further support in my future endeavors. 

Now on to this post. It’s prom season. Nostalgia for some, misery for others. I was floored when I got out of high school how many people  (especially lovely ladies) didn’t attend their prom. Heck I even went to my senior prom. It was my first official date.

Matter of fact, prom is a night of many firsts. First official date, first formal dance, first time at a fancy restaurant, first limousine ride, first, well, you get the idea. It jumpstarted dating and even sex for many teens. 

Nowadays, it seems cooler for young folks to go with their friends as one big group. Prom is still big, but now those that have other obligations or no dates have flupped the tradition. They make it a fun night for themselves and others, pressure free. This is often the final night as high schoolers that many will get to party together. 

Every occasion with friends should be memorable and fun. Whichever reason you choose to attend or skip prom, this should be your thinking. Don’t let a moment slip by. 

My prom was lots of fun, as I went with a good friend that I still keep in touch with. Again, I realize all do not have these memories. However, prom is a reminder for better or worse that making these memories are important. 

When you reach my age, you want to live each moment the best you can. Talk to as many people as possible, have lots of fun, be happy and stay out of trouble. I believe all of these are timeless staples of prom season. 

Also, there are always second chances. Adult proms have become popular. I advise anyone to try one. You may actually enjoy it, even if your high school prom was spectacular. 

Okay so go make some epic moments and have great times with the people that matter the most. 



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