Peer Pressure: It’s Still Real As An Adult

Those high school and teen years are never easy. Peer pressure makes it much more challenging.

Biggest challenge: it never really disappears. If anything, it gets worse, at least as a young adult. 

No I’m not just talking about having an extra beer or going zip lining or riding a motorcycle. I’m referring to how it seems like we only get into things  (TV shows, music, movies, sports, etc) because our friends are into them. You seem to lose your identity and what you’re into. 

Yes the new Kendrick Lamar album is great. Yes 13 Reasons Why is the must watch on Netflix. But think of this, would you be paying attention or care of any of this if it weren’t popular? 

Many of you know my favorite sitcom is The Middle. It’s not a show you’re gonna see folks tweeting about constantly or pressuring you to watch. It’s a good show, I like it, and that’s why I watch it, period. 

Yes you want to find and have common bonds with those closest to you. Just don’t allow others to pressure you into anything you’re genuinely not interested in. 

There’s give and take in any relationship. This ties into all of that. Have your own identity, like things because you like them, and do things for you. Respect yourself as an individual first. 

Oh and before you head out to see the newest Fast and the Furious movie or try that new restaurant this weekend, be sure to make your own assessment. Don’t be concerned so much with what others say or think. 



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