Left Behind, A Different Way

Someone can mention “left behind”, especially in the South and they think you are referring to the Rapture, or even the Marines motto “no man left behind.”

If you truly care for a person, this should be your motto. 

I wrote last week about prom and all of the prom pics and even seeing prom attendees around. These times give me flashbacks to a rougher time when I was left out and left behind. High school was long ago for me, but myself and others often still find ourselves on the outside looking in. It could be something simple, but it can take you back to a bad place in your life. 

This is the season and time to make sure folks are included and belong, and most of all matter. I saw an encouraging pic of one of my running club mates helping a little girl as she was lapped by her friends in a local 5K race. She was down in the dumps, defeated mentally and physically. My friend helped her,used her motherly instincts, and walked the finish line with her. This photo almost brought me to tears. 

We have to do more of this as human beings. When we see someone looking like they are down and distant, give them a pick me up. I wrote another piece on Drew’s World of Random Intelligence about suicide. I mentioned 13 Reasons Why in this article also. In short, people can and will do extreme things when they don’t feel relevant and/or feel inferior. You, me, all of us have to be that shining light towards others. 

Please don’t be that person that lets another fall behind or through the cracks. Trust me, it’s never a good feeling. Also, every small gesture matters, good and bad. 



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