Househopping 101

I have a certain skill I learned from childhood. It spins off of me being a phantom. I am a master househopper. My personal best is 6 houses in one day.

I have many friends and family and they invite me to their home for Thanksgiving. I feel blessed as many have nowhere to go.

Here are a few power tips on how to effectively do it.

1. Start early

Many houses start serving at lunch. Be prepared and ready to eat.

2. Bring something.

If you’re over 21 and have a stream of income, this should go without saying. Even if you can’t cook, you can always bring a pie or a beverage. Please do not come empty handed.

3. Schedule and plan your visits.

You may have to pick and choose sometimes, like phantoming. Don’t stay too long at any house, and have a strategy for staying, eating, and going to the next house.

4. Eat little at some houses, heavier at others.

This works best when the houses are in the same city. You don’t wanna be too full or sleepy to eat at the next house. Therefore, pace yourself and eat smaller portions or simply dessert at some homes.

5. Try to eat the heaviest at your first home and your last one.

This keeps things balanced and full enough to go on to the next house.

6. Don’t be greedy.

Get seconds if you are allowed. But don’t bring everything home with you unless the guests insist. The best rule of thumb is to eat only one good plate at each house.

7. Thank the guest, and get your socializing in.

Don’t stop socializing with anyone, and interact with as many as you can at each house.

Ok well Happy Thanksgiving and Happy house hunting!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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