2017 Christmas Letter

2017 was definitely a year of ups and downs and absolute optimism for the future.

My #imjustdrew movement has hit another milestone as my first book “From Dark To Sunshine: Making Successful Connections and Relationships” will be released soon after the holiday season. I am very excited about this, and doing more speaking engagements from video to personal events.

Despite me keeping an active fitness and training regimen where I completed 8 races, 2 of them full marathons, I gained some unwanted weight, mostly in my midsection. Some stress and other habits caused this. I have the mindset, the blueprint and the connections. I’m ready to snatchback before I turn 40 in July.

I have enjoyed my new car, and have traveled more, and even drive for Uber/Lyft on the side. It’s cool getting to be around big events and even go to places such as Death Valley for Clemson games. I look forward to more happy trails.

The ones around me haven’t did bad either. My friend Precious got married back in October, and I have another friend that may be married soon. I am finally ready to love again so I love seeing folks in love. I hope 2018 brings me this person I have longed for.

Many of my friends and family are expecting babies in 2018. I am very proud for all of them. Having new lives is always great.

My mother is still there for me, as I am for her. She fights demons and illness, but hasn’t went anywhere. I’m blessed I have been able to help her with many home improvement repairs. More will be necessary, but we have knocked down many of them.

I am still employed by Amazon. It has been quite interesting to watch the process from the inside as the company continues to thrive. I look forward to taking advantage of more opportunities that my company offers.

I feel blessed for my large circle of family and friends still around. I always have someone to contact, and some event to go to. Thanks for all of this.

Also RIP to many of the people I lost this year: my grandpa Hut, my cousin Ray, my uncle Leroy, my good friends Steve and Angie (Halloween or fitness will not be the same again) and Chris Farmer. People like this make like more bearable and worth living.

Happy Holidays to all of you and thanks for being apart of my journey. Let’s play nice towards each other and continue to be encouraged going into 2018.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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