Vision and mission of #imjustdrew

I’ve been gaining a lot of new fans and such to the #imjustdrew movement due to the new release of “From Darkness To Sunshine: Making Unlimited Friends and Connections”. Some, however, are still unsure about what #imjustdrew is all about.

It’s more than a book, a blog, or a vlog. It’s definitely a movement, a vehicle of awareness, and a ray of sunshine for people experiencing a variety of issues, including but not limited to social, financial, intimidation and even mental and physical health.


The #imjustdrew movement will empower and enlighten others in a variety of issues using various mediums. These mediums include all social media, speaking engagements, community outreach, written and spoken word, and simple motivation.


#imjustdrew starts out as a journey of one Andrew Lanier’s life and life experiences, but it goes much further. Lanier and others around him will use these experiences to assist and empower others in many ways and mediums, touching on many issues:


– Being a productive, confident adult

– Overcoming obstacles such as bullying, social exclusion, poverty and mental illness

– Use talents such as writing and speaking to further the cause and inspire others

– Bring everyone together as close as possible

– Promote good health and wellness as well.

There is a lot of depth to #imjustdrew, especially as it grows. But at the core, it will all about helping others to overcome obstacles and become the person they are capable of becoming.

Continue to stay plugged in,…

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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