Your Own Color Purple Scene

If you haven’t seen The Color Purple all the way to the end, you may wanna stop reading now.

Ok for those that have seen it, you remember the ending scene. If you weren’t already cried out by then, the waterworks were definitely coming then.

It is definitely a good feeling to reunite with someone close to you, especially in hard times.

Some of you may not know that my uncle has been incarcerated for 16 years and it has been 14 years since my mother has seen him. Several things have stood in the way but I’m hoping she’s finally gets to see him in person. I have a hunch it will be that type of moment.

For those that are forever chanting “no new friends” and “I’m fine by myself”, chances are you haven’t experienced how full your heart can get following this type of moment.

Don’t feel ashamed. I mentioned in the last blog on checking on your people. It’s so great to talk to those you haven’t in years or see them. In many cases, it’s like you picked up where you left off.

So if you can find them, what’s stopping you? If you’re still searching for them, don’t stop. There is lots of technology now to assist in finding someone, stuff bill collectors and telemarketers have used for decades.

When you’re embracing your long lost friend in the middle of nowhere, thank me later. Fewer moments are sweeter.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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