Food Fight

This is the best of times far as socializing and unfortunately the worst.

There are your weddings, dinner parties, cookouts and the like. It seems many folks seem greedy, wherever it be the hosts, the guests or both. Obviously no one has a problem with those hosts that give away all sorts of food and beg you to take home plates.

Here are some simple ground rules I have developed to keep the peace.

1. Unless you already know otherwise, you have been invited to a party, not to Golden Corral. So it’s best to try to keep it to one plate unless the host insists. Many times two things happens: there are more guests to feed and the food they have is all they have. All of the cooking is done and no more magical food is coming. Therefore, keep it to one plate/person.

2. Socialize and chill, don’t hover around the food. Drinks are a separate issue but the food should be kept away from, or a safe distance.

3. Don’t eat until it’s said to eat and don’t be rushing to be the first person to eat. If you’re the first person, so be it.

4. Yeah I know you figure one plate but no one said what size. One plate does not mean the size of Mount Everest. Get yourself a decent size place and step away.

5. Also, pro tip for my hosts: have servers there to serve the food if you’re concerned about portion. Lack of common sense and hunger is a bad combo so keep the servers around until everyone in the room has eaten. Do not entertain seconds until later.

6. Have a snack/finger food table to avoid hunger and over indulging. Dessert tables work well here.

7. Remain good communication and respect between you and the hosts. They invited you because they’re cool with you and don’t break that.

There are more but these are my top 7. Don’t be that greedy person that hoards food. You really should go to Golden Corral if you’re that hungry. Eat, drink and be merry but be respectful.

Ok let’s end this food fight please.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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