Don’t Beat Dead Horses

It has been a strong and valid narrative to check in on your people, make sure they’re ok. You will have that when suicide and domestic violence are all in the news and your life.

However, you shouldn’t check on people that won’t entertain you or ignore your advances.

I’m not talking about someone you’re really close to. This is for that person or people that you don’t have a really tight bond with.

There are times we fall back from folks also. When you see them out, they shouldn’t be surprised. Communication is a two way street and they have to cross it also.

Don’t feel like you’re banging your head up against the wall or beating dead horses. Be around folks that act live and alive when you’re around. If they are dead,let the sleeping dogs lie.

Also, don’t allow a tragedy or convenience to temporarily bond you. Put them to the test in good and bad. When it reaches a breaking point, it’s time to break away.

The Lord adds and removes folks for good reason. Start taking note.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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