Continuing connections throughout the generations

I’ve heard stories growing up about how your friend’s parents and even close relatives’s parents were all close. I am here to say it is true.

One of my mom’s closest cousins had three sons. My brother and I were cool and close with them as well. We often spent the night at each other’s houses as children and saw each other on weekends as our parents stayed close through the years.

Present day, I don’t have children of course but the cousins do. I typically get invited whenever one of the children have a birthday party.

Playing with the kids and watching the kids and my cousins as fathers play with them really warms my heart and takes me back. It reminds us that we can stay close and continue playing.

Therefore, remember how you interact with others, especially around your kids. They pick up on vibes early on and will usually choose to keep associating with certain people.

It’s important to set this foundation so they won’t grow up lonely and not feeling like they have anyone to turn to. Keep in touch and as close as you can to your loved ones.

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