Friends can be natural adrenaline

Some of us need encouragement and a boost after some of the negativity happening in our world. Well now it’s a good time to be around the people that mean the most to you. 

The feeling of seeing folks that you don’t see often or look forward to seeing is indescribable. You’re like a child on Christmas Day, you cast all worries to the side temporarily. And mix in food and beverage , then you have a slamming time. Of course with Thanksgiving coming up, you have plenty of that on the horizon. Another reason for one to love Fall. 

Now on another note, life will not be perfect. You have some ups and downs and such. However , keep in touch with your support circle that will power you through all of this. Be that person also that is the energy , the life of the party. I know I can go overboard at times. But hey when you’re around awesome people that you connect with it, it’s a great feeling. You never know when someone takes their last breath so allow these folks to be great and uplifting right now. 



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