2016 Christmas Letter

2016 wasn’t a great year for many. There were lots of deaths, local and celebrity, the Tarheels losing on that buzzer beater in the championship to Villanova, more police brutality, media bias, etc, etc. However, I want to focus on some of the great things that happened to me and mine in 2016.

One of the greatest things was launching my #imjustdrew brand, expanding my writing into blogs and later on public speaking venues and eventually the book I had planned for this year.

I also continued running, doing three half marathons and my first full marathon at the Kings Mountain National Military Park. It was a fun and active running season and I have several races already lined up for 2017, as I train for an ultramarathon in early 2018.

2016 saw me achieve some good things at my job at Amazon Fulfillment Center. I was chosen as Associate of the Month for February, had several months of perfect attendance and am in the midst of completing a second Peak season.

I made several old and new connections in the social and fitness realm. This allowed me to be invited to several events and social outings throughout the year, culminating with the December holidays.

I also take pride in the success of my friends and family. I went to two weddings, saw a few of my friends and family become first time parents, and other friends and family got hitched as well. My lifelong best friend, Bill, completed his full scale band room that he built himself with the help of others for his band, Whiskey Train.

My mother had her struggles this year, but has a good sense of her is really in her corner and will carry that into 2017. She is still an awesome mom whether or not she knows it.

My sporting fans got to see the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Cubs win championships and break age old droughts. It was also good to see my Blacksburg Wildcats football team have an historic revival of a season and win the conference and host two playoff games.

Additionally, I had my 20th high school reunion this year, which was a success. I had a car accident earlier this month. Thank God I’m fine but the silver lining is my car was totalled and I will have another vehicle for 2017 which I sorely needed.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year to my #imjustdrew family! Thanks for all of your support throughout 2016 and expect more big things in 2017.



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