Ignoring Is Ignorant

OK we’re back in 2017 with another year of #imjustdrew postings. I’m gonna kick off this year with a subject near and dear to my heart regarding personal connections: ignoring others. 

Now here’s where the buzz for it began: on Facebook. Some folks like to intentionally ignore comments that folks post on their statuses blatantly. Personally that upsets me and I’ll state why. 

I believe since I came forward last year that this bugs me, I’ve heard phrases such as “it’s only FB” “There is more to life than if someone acknowledges your comment” ” Every comment doesn’t need a response.”. Well here’s the thing folks, it often does extend beyond the social media realm. Just think if you’re out in public, about to go shopping or to see a movie. A good friend of yours just clearly ignores you, or is nonchalant at your presence. If you two are cool, wouldn’t you feel some kind of way? I definitely think you should. If not, then what type of friendship do you have. 

You see, I have been ignored enough in my life to know when it’s intentional and simply mean. I’m 5’11,230, have a bald head and I’m very light skinned. Not exactly an easy presence to overlook. Yet some folks still do. 

So other than venting , how does one get through this. Well communicate with the parties that did this. If they feel apologetic and you know it’s out of their character, then no problem. However,  if someone acts as if it’s not wrong to ignore a person for no good reason or is a repeat offender, you may want to go to the next level. Keep your distance from them, realize they may be going through something, or that they aren’t as close as you thought. Know where you stand with someone always. Actions will always speak louder than words. 

Therefore, be easy. Remember your core circle, those that are truly cool with you. When people start to act out of pocket, it may have nothing to do with you. Either way, just keep it moving and don’t feel obligated to maintain a close friendship with them. They are simply associates as at best. 

Let’s keep things going smoothly in 2017. It’s OK to get a little upset. But when someone displays the same or similar behavioral patterns, simply leave it alone. Trust me, there are f0lks that care and wouldn’t do you this way. Focus your attention towards them. 



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