No More Tears

Lately I’ve been shedding a lot of tears. I’ve become captive by my fears. This is as saddening as anything I’ve been through over the years. I know it’s not quite the end. I need all the hands that will help and lend. All I need is someone to whom I can vent. I’m hustling more, finding something lucrative to invent. I don’t want to be one place. I also don’t want to be 70 running the rat race. Big Pun was right when he said it’s so hard. The country folks wouldn’t say I’m tired, that’s I’m tard. I have the people I didn’t wayback and a score. The game is different, I have more. I’m stronger now and can react better, heal faster. I’m only a beginner but I will be a master. Thankful to be able to write. My feelings have a different bite. It will be soon enough before my heart will smile again. There will also be no more tears. It only be congratulations and cheers.

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