Too Much? Just in Case You Didn’t Know

I have a pet peeve where when someone tells me something is too much or I’m not good enough, I feel the need to prove them wrong. You can call it an inferiority complex. To me, I’m just really competitive, have a huge heart and hate hearing the word no from folks that don’t know me well.

I will briefly educate anyone on my past experiences of 44 years in case you think I haven’t experienced enough or I can’t handle “too much.”

I maintained good grades all through school, undergrad and grad school. This includes As and Bs in a tough computer science program and a 3.9 GPA in an MBA program. I did much of this without advanced grooming, help and oftentimes very little money. I grinded, studied hard, and simply wanted it.

Physically, I worked my way up the depth chart in football and started my senior at offensive line over folks more talented and athletic than myself. I ran competitively for 4 years and won 2 age groups, ran 9 half marathon and 3 full marathons, one of those being the brutal and hilly Kings Mountain marathon. I have lost and maintained weight many times in my life, losing 100 pounds in my early 30s and 50 in my mid 30s.

I have been involved in trivia, competitive eating, I have successfully climbed the ladder for a major company, all while battling mental illness, obesity, grief, socioeconomic and racists and caring for a physically and mentally ill mother.

I have managed time well enough to excel in school, hold down a job and side hustles consistently for 27 years, be involved in the community, go to social events, handle multiple bank accounts, and train and tutor others. I also have written a book and have two active blogs. I always find ways to succeed and I’m not afraid to ask for help or questions if I’m in a bind.

Basically much of this is how #imjustdrew was created in 2016. Facebook is about to limit my blogs so YouTube and TikTok will be my focus. Obstacles breed creativity and I continue to stay encouraged and know the best is yet to come.

Therefore, before you think something is too much, read this blog first and learn my story!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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