Being Honest With Ourselves

This isn’t just because as my former trainer David Fink used to say “summer’s coming” or “the beach going to get whatever body I give them.” Now that is the case as it’s harder to camouflage your body for the next few months.

Many folks simply are not honest with themselves or are constantly trying to cover up and hide things. Well let me tell you this. There are instances, such as in business and when building relationships where you need to be genuine and forthcoming regarding shortcomings and things you have and don’t. The truth does come out eventually.

I’m a firm believer of being honest and knowing the rules of any game and engagement. You cannot let others drag you into their mess either. Cover yourself, protect yourself, respect yourself. You have to have integrity at some point or it will cost you.

Also if you can’t be honest and forthright with someone, perhaps you shouldn’t be around them. These aren’t family secrets; it’s common knowledge and need to know stuff. Your word is your bond and building trust is so important in many aspects.

Realize that this may not be the season that you can wear a two piece or get back onto the Fury at Carowinds. Find out where you need to improve, get better and work from there. Please stop cutting corners and rubber stamping your life. Mother’s Day is coming and you want to be prepared there also. Just be you!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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