Surround yourself with love

The Beatles mentioned the word “love” a total of 613 times in their songs. We have an entire holiday dedicated to celebrating love. The word is thrown around like a football. It is a positive, uplifting feeling.

Yet many of us find ourselves in toxic, joyless situations.

One of the solutions is love. We need to cover ourselves with it. Seek out the ones that truly love us and not just like us and tolerate our being. Oh no you need to feel love.

I see many troubled folks on a daily basis. Some simply weren’t shown love enough or at all at key points in their life. They are dismissive, divisive and confrontational. I have found that expressing your love language and showing them that you do care goes a long way.

We can get caught up in the day to day grind and be ruled by routine, numbers and the almighty dollar. What needs to be realized is if we showed love and love more often, more of the stuff we desire will fall into place.

It is about how you feel. I know if I feel I’m in a positive environment where I can relax, smile and have fun, I am an overall better person. Many of us are.

Therefore let’s not complete the process; rather let’s trust it. Show more love to each other. I am going to practice just that in my next #imjustdrew blog.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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