More way to bond with folks

Yes I know I talk about coming together and bonding with each other. Having fun, socializing, and such. I have mentioned sports, vacations, restaurants, and even cookouts. Here are some others for you.

1. Escape rooms

They are poppin up everywhere and are fun and challenging. I did one for the first time last week and had a blast. We also escaped with 10 minutes left.

2. Bounce parks (Big Air, etc).

These are also for adults and have many other activities. You get a workout and get to pay fun games with friends and family

3. Book signings

Yeah I’m biased here but you can meet some good people here, and bond over literature and the issues of the day.

4. Coffee houses.

Yeah the Starbucks issue is hot and the media is definitely having fun with it. But real time coffee houses are better, more hip and safe, and have better food and beverage.

5. Comic cons

This is a great year to start these with Marvel and DC’s popularity growing. The cost is low, but the fun is high. You can make plenty of friends and connections at one of these conventions, and even see celebrities.

Ok well get out, invite some people and let the bonding ensue!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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