36,000 runners can’t be wrong

I am a contradiction. I am for common ground and coming together. At the same time, I don’t like when people always play follow the leader and go with the status quo. This goes along with the success of rapper Cardi B. Yes she’s talented but wouldn’t be as noticable if it weren’t for everyone on her and not others more talented. That will be covered in detail on laniera74.blogspot.com.

Here is the difference between coming together as one and just following along. You come together when everyone mutually agrees something is greater than you, it’s an experience and a happening. It also doesn’t fade quickly. When you follow along or dare I say act as a “sheep”, you are more concerned about who is doing it, rather than the why and the purpose. It’s like the greatest cookout in the neighborhood is this weekend, but you won’t go because your people won’t be there.

The Cooper River Bridge Run is basically South Carolina’s version of the Boston Marathon, but more for all levels of running. Walkers, speedsters, joggers, and marathoners are all welcomed. No one with a pulse is excluded from “getting over” the huge Ravenel bridge from Mount Pleasant into downtown Charleston. And for the fee, the city, the before and after race activities, it’s a happening you don’t want to miss. It really brings folks together in a city that experienced great tragedy just three short years ago.

I have ran several races in different cities and both Carolinas and Georgia. I have honestly seen ones better organized, but the Cooper River Bridge Run committee makes it a year round thing to register, promote, sponsor, and gather volunteer. They do such a superb job, from the beginning to the end. It is a runner’s dream and very inspirational and historic for everyone. The fact that it often happens during high school Spring Break makes it easy to plan for.

Therefore, look for happenings and things that won’t go away quickly. 41 years and 36,000 fans, including Hulk Hogan and Jesus Christ can’t be wrong.

#crbr2018 #imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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