Don’t lose your payday over small change

I am writing a lot more about social exclusion. This post is dealing with how the behavior of others in any setting can affect our moods and all.

I cannot and repeat CANNOT stand seeing childish clique behavior. I am all about good friendships of course. But every one that is your close friend or confidante shouldn’t be recognized over others. You have those always on their grind, extremely helpful, and are always seeing improvement over approval.

Nonetheless they get about as much attention as a white crayon. Think on that one.

Here’s the thing, that behavior and treatment can weigh on you. You stop focusing on what’s really important and you focus on the pettiness and entertain it. You are definitely losing your payday for small change and insignificant matters.

You have to recognize your chosen few as my running club mate Amy says on her blog #mychosenfew. Check her out if you haven’t already. If they aren’t paying your bills or adding to your life, focus on the good and those that do.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Therefore, it’s ok to get angry. But then think back to people that do treat you well and are nice for no reason. Also, be nice to others. You are excluding them because you got excluded and that’s backwards.

Ok now leave that spare change for someone else and get your true paper!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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