Having a social life while training for a marathon

It’s currently training season for many of my fellow runners as we gear up for Fall and Winter races. I have three coming up in a few months, including one less than a month out. It has been challenging, but I have been preparing, and continuing to have a social life. 

It takes a lot of prayer, planning and prioritizing. Here are some tips to accomplish this: 

1. Set a routine

You need to have a training routine first and foremost. If you don’t, there are several out there. Mine of choice is Jeff Galloway’s. Truth be told, outside of things such as work and family, not much comes before all of this. Having this routine keeps you plugged in and motivated. 

2. Try not to have any engagements too early or late. 

Typically training runs occur in the mornings. Some afternoon and evening runs also happen as the temperatures drop (still waiting for that in the South). Now having stuff too early or late can halt these. If this is an early run, do the bare minimum, and be inside early. If it’s evening, run before or after you link up with people. Bringing me to

3. Be dedicated but flexible 

Allow for flexibility in your training regimen. This includes even planning for inclement weather. Try to fit in runs on odd days, lunch hours, and late nights. Even utilize the dreadmill. Yeah I know it’s hard to beat pavement and trail but you have to keep training and working. 

4. Cross train, eat well and stress less during this time. 

Having an active social life is apart of all of this. You are adjusting your lifestyle so you can be in superb shape come race day. Use the time with friends and other engagements as good breaks, then get back to it. 

5. Have others motivate you

This can include members of a running group, fellow runners and peers. Once you’re deep into training, it can be easier to fit in the rest. Just remember to breathe and recover every now and then. 

6. Recovery sessions are best for this

Carbing up and days off can be used for social time. It’s a matter of fitting it all in. 

I have never been the fastest and long distance running can ruin speed even more. But it builds energy and endurance necessary for all of your desires. Keep running and keep socializing. We know what happens when it’s all work and no play. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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