You have feelings, they matter and they get hurt also

I have been seeing a lot of people getting their feelings hurt lately. It saddens me, as I am currently going through this, and I know how it feels. 

I wrote last week about betrayal. Well getting your feelings crushed is the sibling of betrayal. Sometimes this person may have not meant it. But you still may hurt for weeks, at least until this person or persons proves they are better than this. 

Humans will human and change on a dime. You don’t need to be around people, places or situation that threaten your emotional health. You are not alone so seek out those who wouldn’t do this to you. 

Now there’s a different in being tactfully honest and simply bruising your feelings like a sly serpent or the many whores, liars and thieves in history. They have evil inside of them and do not need to coexist with your happiness. 

My friend and fellow author Larry Parks has a hashtag #EnjoyLife. I invite you to do this, and to find your happy place and people. You deserve to live in peace. I pray that you get away from any negativity and live great!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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