Four Keys To A Successful Relationship (social, business, romantic, etc)

This is a post that I have been speaking on for about 16 years.

Too much we lack the key ingredients when it comes to achieving success. Relationships are no different.

There are four key elements/ingredients that a relationship of any type must have to succeed. These are honesty, trust, communication and respect. Lacking even one can sour things.

You have to be honest and upfront with your friends and such. Your word is your bond and you can’t jeopardize credibility with people you care about.

Mutual trust must also exist. Do you trust each other? Why or why not? Once that is broken, it is hard to regain. It’s actually easier to earn it. Therefore it’s best that one is of good character and doesn’t ruin people’s trust of them.

Communication is more widespread now but yet has seemed to have gotten worse. It now seems easier to misinterpret people and messages. You must make your desires and voice heard and known. Anyone you deal with seriously should know where they stand with you.

Respect ties all of this up. You should respect each other, other people and yourself. This also has to be earned and maintained. There has to be that feeling between two parties where you can respect their heart, character and actions.

Therefore, if you’re looking to rebuild or rekindle anything going into the late year holidays, keep these in mind.

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