Beard Game Matters 

I have learned a very valuable lesson in my adult life: beards are awesome on men and women love them. Well for the most part. 

The latest social media trend has been the group #BeardGameMatter. It is a great celebration of awesome beards, and women showing their love and admiration. 

We have another wave of hard times as Fall begins so this is a good positive to get folks together, get them talking. People actually being positive, loving and supportive. The basis of what I talk about. 

All it took was a few beards to do it. 

I rock my beard proudly so I definitely appreciate the love. It’s like a beard to a woman is what boobs or a nice butt is to a man. Very appealing and sexy. It’s just a good pick me up. 

Let’s continue to find ways such as this to lift each other up. This will keep us calm and mellow as we work out other struggles in the world. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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